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26 February 2023

The evolution of the concept of luxury

cosmetici di lusso

What does luxury mean nowadays? How has the concept of luxury evolved over time?

The term luxury derives from the Latin word “luxus”, which means “abundance” and includes the term “Lux”, meaning resplendent and shining.

The idea of luxury has changed over time, up to its contemporary meaning of excellent quality of the materials used and visual refinement.

The balance between innovation and tradition is the true essence of contemporary luxury, which combines concepts and ideas that are sometimes in contrast with each other, but for which research and experimentation can find a meeting point that brings out both aspects, giving them personality and uniqueness.

Beauty, meaning the ability to create products and articles of an extraordinary singularity, is closely linked to the concept of contemporary luxury, which is not limited simply to possession of a good, but to the conveying of values such as sustainability, refinement and, indeed, beauty.

The Made in Italy hallmark, which has always been synonymous worldwide with beauty, design and innovation, is the highest expression of these modern concepts, which require not just simple changes, but profound awareness and bold decisions in creating unique, contemporary and highly distinctive products.

This is precisely the concept behind the Nahida beauty treatment. It is a range of luxury cosmetics created with an innovative technology based on gold nanoparticles, which contain the best anti-ageing peptides for restoring elasticity and hydration to the skin, reducing wrinkles by up to 55% in 4 weeks.

Nahida is the luxury face beauty routine designed and created, down to the smallest detail, for women who want to show their allure and mature sensuality fearlessly.

Nahida is as precious as you are, simply irresistible in a perfect combination of youthfulness and experience.

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