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3 April 2023
Beauty routine 35+

As we approach 40, our skin barrier tends to weaken and lose moisture, and the first signs of ageing begin to appear with the natural appearance of the first wrinkles due to the loss of collagen and elastin. For younger-looking skin, it is therefore important to follow a skin routine suitable for the needs of […]

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26 February 2023
The evolution of the concept of luxury

What does luxury mean nowadays? How has the concept of luxury evolved over time? The term luxury derives from the Latin word “luxus”, which means “abundance” and includes the term “Lux”, meaning resplendent and shining. The idea of luxury has changed over time, up to its contemporary meaning of excellent quality of the materials used […]

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20 February 2023
Gold in luxury cosmetics

Over recent years, gold has been making an increasing comeback as an active ingredient in luxury cosmetics, thanks to its numerous and unique properties. Gold has been used in beauty routines since ancient times. It is said that, as far back as Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra used to sleep every night with a gold mask on […]

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15 February 2023
The value of peptides

A frenetic lifestyle, various environmental factors and ageing reduce the quantity of collagen in the skin, which therefore becomes less supple and compact. That is why a beauty routine must include the use of cosmetic products that boost skin renewal, collagen synthesis and hydration of the skin, to help fight the effects of passing time. […]

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