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20 February 2023

Gold in luxury cosmetics

oro nei cosmetici di lusso

Over recent years, gold has been making an increasing comeback as an active ingredient in luxury cosmetics, thanks to its numerous and unique properties.

Gold has been used in beauty routines since ancient times. It is said that, as far back as Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra used to sleep every night with a gold mask on her face.

Later on, gold began to be used in traditional Chinese medicine, in anti-ageing cosmetics, as it prevents loss of skin collagen and elastin, making it perfect for use in the fight against wrinkles.

More recently, it has become popular among Hollywood stars, who regularly have gold-based beauty treatments, masks and elixirs.


What are the beneficial effects of gold on the skin?


Anti-ageing effect and protection against wrinkles

Nanogold-based cosmetics boost the skin's elasticity, delaying the ageing process and leaving it looking more youthful.

Stimulation of cell renewal

The presence of ions means that gold boosts the physiological renewal of skin cells.

Brightening effect

The gold micro particles present in gold-based anti-ageing creams are absorbed by the skin, leaving it visibly brighter.

Protection against pollutants and sunlight

Gold particles are useful in protecting the skin and contribute to reducing the appearance of marks on the skin caused by exposure to the sun.

Nahida is a precious and exclusive treatment, created using an innovative technology based on gold nanoparticles, which enclose and protect the best anti-ageing peptides, extending the rejuvenating action up to 24 hours.

Discover the Nahida gold revitalising serum, eye contour cream and gold anti-ageing cream, designed to enhance the uniqueness of every woman!

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