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15 February 2023

The value of peptides

A frenetic lifestyle, various environmental factors and ageing reduce the quantity of collagen in the skin, which therefore becomes less supple and compact. That is why a beauty routine must include the use of cosmetic products that boost skin renewal, collagen synthesis and hydration of the skin, to help fight the effects of passing time.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. The peptides of which it is formed are the only ones that can be absorbed by the skin, which is why they are used in cosmetic products.

Not all peptides are the same and biomimetic peptides are the only ones that activate synthesis of endogenous collagen and elastin, restoring the skin's elasticity, hydration and brightness and reducing or preventing wrinkles.

Biomimetic peptides are a beauty trend for 2023. These amino acids represent the future of modern cosmetics and will be a key factor in skincare, because they imitate the natural function of the skin and are immediately recognised by the body, making them ideal in fighting problems such as hypersensitivity, dehydration and ageing. These ingredients can synchronise themselves with the skin's natural rhythm and provide it with support only when needed.


The Nahida face beauty routine

Nahida is a precious and exclusive treatment designed for your beauty routine. It is created using an innovative technology based on gold nanoparticles, which enclose and protect the best biomimetic peptides, guaranteeing an action time that is 90 times higher than free peptides.

Discover the Nahida face beauty routine: the revitalising serum, the eye contour cream and the rejuvenating cream.

Nahida is a complete anti-age treatment based on 24k gold!

Nahida is as precious as you are!

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